“I highly recommend working with Jonathan. He is an excellent teacher—practical, supportive, and attuned to his student’s interests and needs. Over the course of my study with Jonathan, I developed a much greater understanding of the Alexander Technique and, most importantly for me, experienced a reduction in my pain.”

—PK, Denver, CO

“Jonathan’s teaching style is gentle yet precise. Throughout the course of my lessons, I not only felt more grounded and secure in my body, but I now have the tools I need to continue the foundational practices that have guided me to less pain and greater spaciousness. The Alexander Technique has given me a freedom I didn’t know before, opening me up to a myriad of opportunities to function more wholly and presently in everyday life.”

—KT, Denver, CO

“Jonathan’s ability to articulate the Technique during lessons in a relatable, clear, and engaging way makes him a joy to learn from. I highly recommend his Alexander Technique lessons to anyone at any level of experience.”

—TJ, Denver, CO

“In the early 1980s, I committed to an intensive program with a developmental optometrist to improve my vision. One resource he often recommended to patients was the Alexander Technique (AT), but at the time, I had enough with the vision training and chiropractic work. Fast forward to 2016, and I was again experiencing a lot of difficulty with visual stress and inefficiencies due to intensive reading and computer work in my paralegal job, and I decided to look into AT. I discovered the AT school in Denver and became a practice student of an advanced student (now graduated), Jonathan Leathwood.

“One of the things that drew me to the AT work (apart from the recommendation from the respected optometrist) was being able to help myself, applying the AT principles on my own between sessions. Over the course of a year, Jonathan gradually and steadily introduced me to new ways of using my body based on the way it’s actually designed rather than the way I had been using it due to physical or emotional conditioning over the years. I was excited to discover that I could feel so different physically!

“I felt a lot more ease in my body after a hike or a round of golf. I found I could monitor how I use my body, especially in stressful situations, and stop and allow something different—something that felt better!

“As I progressed in the work with Jonathan, I saw how I could apply the AT principles to how I think, how I react to others’ behavior. I could slow down and actually make choices to participate or not in certain situations. This is a life changer for me. The optometrist years ago said he knew that the vision training was working when he saw a change in thinking of a patient—his understanding was that our psychology, physical structure and vision all develop together and affect each other. I had a direct experience of this through the vision training and am now experiencing it profoundly again through the AT work.

“I am grateful for Jonathan’s steady support and guidance as an AT teacher. I recommend him to anyone who wants to experience freedom in their body and, with some conscious attention, in their thinking. I am looking forward to continuing this exploration.

—AL, Parker, CO