Use the link to Worldcat® to find the book in the nearest available library to you.

Introductory Books

  • Michael Gelb, Body Learning (Aurum, 2013) Amazon | Worldcat®
  • Carolyn Nicholls, Body, Breath and Being: A New Approach to the Alexander Technique (D&B, 2nd edn, 2014) Amazon | Worldcat®
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Alexander’s Four Books

Alexander’s books are widely available in various editions and libraries. It is worth going to the trouble of obtaining the Mouritz editions, which are superbly produced and edited. Only The Use of the Self is not available from Mouritz; the others are available in the US from Mornum Time Press or directly from Mouritz in the UK.

Further Reading
  • Articles and Lectures: Articles, Published Letters and Lectures on the F.M. Alexander Technique (London: Mouritz 2011) Mouritz | Worldcat®
  • Ron Brown, Authorized Summaries of F.M.Alexander’s Four Books (French Connection Press, 1992) Amazon | [No Worldcat® entry]
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Books for the Deep Divers

Books for Musicians

  • Pedro de Alcantara, Indirect Procedures: A Musician’s Guide To The Alexander Technique (Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2nd edn, 2013) Amazon | Worldcat®
  • Nelly Ben-Or, “The Alexander Technique”, in C. Grindea (ed.), Tensions in the Performance of Music: A Symposium (London: Kahn & Averill 1978): pp. 84–95 Amazon | Worldcat®
  • Judith Kleinman & Peter Buckoke, The Alexander Technique for Musicians (London: Methuen Drama, 2013) Amazon | Worldcat®
  • Elizabeth Langford, Mind and Muscle and Music (Leuven: Alexandertechniek Centrum, 2008) Worldcat®
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The target audience for this podcast varies from beginners to teachers. I found especial value in episodes devoted to directing.


Friends, Colleagues, Referrals

Alexander Technique
Your pre- and post-lesson coffee!
  • La Belle Rosette: espresso and wine bar one block away from the Newman Center, with excellent sandwiches, wraps, salads, etc.
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