Active rest directions

For My Students

Getting started with active rest

To help you get started, here is a talk through by senior teacher-trainer Carolyn Nicholls (from a series of talks to accompany her book Body, Breath and Being). It is the right length and does not assume that you have experience with any of the basic concepts of the Alexander Technique.

Carolyn Nicholls, Active Rest

More active rest talk throughs

Why are these talk throughs different? In the Alexander Technique, the starting point is the activity itself: lying down on a firm surface with the head, torso and limbs in an expansive relationship and letting the large muscles of the back recover. This is already enough to make a difference to your day, but gently engaging your thinking can greatly enhance your daily practice.

Carolyn Nicholls does a superb job of engaging awareness and then direction, taking in all parts of the body and giving due attention to the head-neck-back relationship. These additional talk throughs by other teachers also engage awareness and direction. Each one draws on the principles of the Alexander Technique while reflecting the unique approach of each teacher.

Michelle Brake (website)

Ariel Carson (website)

Constance Clare-Newman (website)

Mastaneh Nazarian (website)

Imogen Ragone (website)

Nancy Romita (website)