hand with test notes written on it

Some Principles of the Alexander Technique: a cheat sheet

This week I have posted a blog over at the website for the Colorado Society for the Alexander Technique: Some Principles of the Alexander Technique: a cheat sheet.

As I get ready for a week of teaching at the Guitar Foundation of America’s International Convention, I thought it might be useful to have a handout ready that lists some of the principles of the Alexander Technique. The blog is a slightly expanded version of this list.

I can’t imagine discussing every principle in a workshop or lesson, but as you teach you never know which principle is suddenly going to come to life. This is similar to how Alexander Technique lessons work: not a linear process but a set of learning experiences—primarily kinesthetic—from which the principles emerge and then start to show up in everyday life.

The other part of my handout is based on the text from this site’s homepage. If anyone would like a PDF of it to download, here it is.

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